WCO Performance Measurement Mechanism (PMM)

The WCO PMM outlines the methodology for assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of all Customs competences structured around four dimensions of Customs performance
The four performance dimensions are further broken down into specific expected outcomes with the corresponding Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
The PMM also aims at measuring the application of the main WCO instruments and tools that have a major impact on the corresponding expected outcomes under the PMM
The PMM is also mapped in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN), thereby positioning the PMM with respect to the global impact, beyond the outcome level



The PMM will provide several benefits to Customs and the WCO. It will make it possible to :

  • identify strengths and weaknesses in Customs administration processes
  • take informed decisions and secure impactful investments on a national scale
  • set the reform agenda
  • set performance goals and targets for continuous improvements through evidence-based benchmarking
  • monitor and evaluate reform progress
  • assess the contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals through enhanced performance
  • design evidence-based WCO capacity building interventions
  • identify the effectiveness of the main WCO tools, ensuring that they are fit for use


Assessment Cycle 
The PMM assessment is voluntary and is to be conducted in two consecutive phases (self-assessment and peer review), in order to ensure the credibility of the assessment process

The Member administration participates voluntarily, submitting the data through the platform every two years

The peer review will be conducted only if Members request it after the self-assessment stage
However, the completion of the peer review should be a prerequisite for a thorough performance evaluation
It will enable the WCO to ensure data quality, and to provide evidence-based technical assistance and capacity building support
For further information on PMM click here or explore this dedicated platform


Development of the PMM Platform was supported by the SECO